Have you booked your wedding with us?  Thank you so much for choosing us to capture your big day!  We want your film to be absolutely stunning so let's look at a few of the things that help a wedding film reach its full potential.


As cameramen, we cannot stress enough the importance of this one!  The more light we have, the better quality the footage will be.  Pay close attention to lighting when planning the details of the wedding and if your wedding will have natural light in it, plan according to time change, and when the sun will set on the day of the ceremony.  


Natural lighting is gorgeous yet unpredictable.  That said, we can always get beautiful footage out of natural light before sunset.  After that, nothing is guaranteed.  

Inside we find that some lighting situations, especially those settings lit heavily by DJ lighting can be tough.  The best bet for a chapel wedding, indoor dress situation, and/or indoor reception is to err on the side of more light.  Yes, we understand how beautiful those Christmas lights are strung across the reception hall or the patio and yard, but without any supplemental lighting, footage can get grainy and details can be lost.



We have never had an issue with this one seeing as most brides love to plan, plan, plan the details that appeal to the eye.  From napkins to jewelry to flowers to table clothes, hair-dos, signs, and the list goes on, the planning can become overwhelming; though our brides have always handled it like champs!  Spend some time thinking about what details you would like to see in your film and make sure you think about the background of any setting before you plan to be videoed there.  We know this can get expensive, but a venue that allows natural light in can be spectacular for special shots that help tell your story.


This is a common issue we deal with and understandably so!  There is just so much going on the day of.  Once again, this doesn't fit into everyone's budget, but we can highly suggest a wedding planner.  Brides... you WILL get overwhelmed with questions and details and decisions on your big day without someone to help divert them.  If you cannot afford to have a planner, at the least have a willing and responsible family member or friend that knows what you want and understands what their job is that day that can help answer questions and stay tight to the schedule.  Staying on schedule allows the stress level to stay low and makes for better footage and a more photogenic bride and groom.  Though we work great with them, we are not photographers.  We carry much more gear than a photographer and we appreciate any extra time through each event to capture more footage.  In conclusion, allow plenty of time for each event throughout the day and give yourself a solid window of time to relax before you walk down the aisle.  The day and the film will be much better this way!


Under the WEDDINGS tab you can find some of our works.  These are fine examples of what we do... Music videos with the occasional audio snippet.  Stylistically, if you are looking for something different, then BTD films may not be the best option to film your wedding.  We would love to discuss it however, to see if we can accommodate.  There have been cases where we have been asked to add extra audio such as the reading of letters or vows.  Make sure if you desire such, that you speak with us from the get-go and we can work out the logistics. Going forward, you will want to consider background noise and the environment that the audio will be recorded.  Also, we already mentioned this, but audio takes a lot of time and extra production so you will need to make sure that you have allotted ample time and space to get good quality audio recorded of the particular event.


It's not for everyone, but on your wedding day, it should be!  Don't forget, this is the most happy day of your life and if you have planned accordingly, which you will, it will be stress free.  So smile!  Smiles are beautiful and contagious.  Plan to have fun on the big day.  Many couples get bogged down by the planning and details and forget that it is supposed to be a fun day.  Plan early, finalize, and relax.  Let your light shine because it is beautiful, and beautiful people make beautiful wedding films!